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Audrey Tautou,柯德莉塔圖,一頭清新的短卷髮


處事強桿的塔圖, 實是外硬內軟, 男人性格女人心. 也因此而建立了她一套的獨特哲學.


<<Psychologies>> Issue#44, March2010





英國公共健康專家 彼得 阿科斯特



Reference :
<<Psychologies>> Issue #44, March2010


The story of a fisherman – <<The Why Cafe>>

A businessman went on vacation to get away from it all, to “recharge his battery”. He flew to this faraway location and wandered into a small village. Over the course of a few days, he watched the people in the community and noticed there was one fisherman in particular who seemed the happiest and the most content of everyone. The businessman was curious about this, so one day he approached the fisherman and asked him what he did every day.

The man replied that he woke up every morning and had breakfast with his wife and children. Then his kids had breakfast with his wife and children. Then his kids would go off to school, he would go fishing, and his wife world paint. He would fish for a few hours, return with enough fish for the family meals, and then he would take a nap. After dinner, he and his wife would take a walk along the beach and watch the sunset while the kids swam in the ocean.

The buisnessman was stunned. “You do this every day?” he asked.

“Most days,” replied the fisherman. “Sometimes we do other things, but for the most part, yes, this is my life.”

“And every day you can catch fish?” asked the buisnessman.

“Yes,” replied the fisherman. “There are many fish.”

“Can you catch more than just the fish you bring home for your family?” inquired the businessman.

The fisherman looked at him, smiled, and replied, “Oh yes, I oftern catch many more and just let them go. You see, I love fishing.”

“Well, why don’t you fish all day and catch as many as you can? asked the  businessman. “Then you could sell the fish and make lots of money. Pretty soon you could buy a second boat, and then a third boat, and their fishermen could catch lots of fish, too. In a few years you could have an office in a major city, and I bet within ten years you could have an international fish distribution business.”

The fisherman siled again at the businessman, “Why would I do all that?”

“Well, for the money,” replied the businessman. “You would do it so you could get lots of money and then retire.”

“And what would I do when I retired?” asked the fisherman, still smiling.

“Well, whatever you want, I suppose.” said the businessman

“For instance, maybe I could eat breakfast with my family?”

“Yes, I guess so,” said the businessman, a little annoyed that the fisherman wasn’t more excited about his idea.

“And if I wanted to , since I love fishing so much, I could fish a little bit each day?” the fisherman continued.

“I don’t see why not,” said the businessman. “There probably won’t be as many fish by then, but there should still be some.”

“Then perhaps I could spend my evenings with my wife, walking along the beach and watching the sunset, while our children swam in the ocean?” inquired the fisherman.

“Sure, whatever you want, although by then your kids will probably be grown,” said the businessman.

The fisherman smiled at the other man, shook his hand, and wished him well on his efforts to recharge.

<<The Why Cafe>> John P. Strelecky