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“wawa” by idea Berlin

A secret dislose of our 1st “wawa” route
1. A fancy with pipes
2. Nothing beside lines
3. Abandoned Berlin
4. we draw you draw they draw

Get yourself ready and join us for “wawa” this sunday!

Apr 01, 2012 (Sunday)

Meeting point :
Front door of Film museum, potsdamer platz

Reminders :
– bring your own sketchbook/ notebook
– bring your favourite pens/ pencils/ other drawing tools you prefer
– get ready your heart

send your contact (name, email, telephone no.) to

See you all on sunday!


IDEA “wawa”, come and “wawa” (畫畫) with us !

the first IDEA in berlin to know about…

What is IDEA project?

same as all of us, you must have been attracted by those smiles of the cambodian children, or the crazy monster door of IDEA school 2.

Another IDEA school is coming in this summer and let’s get ready to the open call for design!
There will be an open call for IDEA school design in April and in order to get yourself ready! join us this weekend to know IDEA project more!

What are we going to do?
“wawa” (畫畫 in Chinese means “Drawing”) : a collaborative drawing exercise, we draw around the city and share ideas among the team; a collaborate piece of art will be created at the end of the journey. The idea of the art is to make the city beautiful.
– gathering and briefing : in a cafe we will present our IDEA 2012 project, cambodia background and culture, our site information and other useful information for you to design the school. You will also be able to find possible partner to form in teams to work with.

Time & Duration : 3 hours
Mar 31 1000-1300 / Mar 1600-1900/ Apr 01 1000-1300/ Apr 01 1730-2030 

Register now!
– fill in your available time in here

– send your contact details (name/email/telephone no) to

we hope to draw with you soon!

IDEA Berlin 2012 Official Recruitment!

By ideaproject2012

Dear friends,

You must be waiting for long for our official recruitment. These days we are receiving a lot email from people who are interested in IDEA Berlin 2012!

If you already know what is IDEA project, let’s get it started and download the application form from here ! Fill in the form and send it back to us at :

If you don’t know about IDEA project, here are all about us :

IDEA CAMBODIA – A Full Design and Build Empowerment Service Trip

Program Details

Together with 40 volunteers, we will design and build a pre-school / skill centre in Kampot, Cambodia with local university students, pre-school children and community in summer 2012.

We will also teach the local teachers and students with design skill to empower a sustainable living.

Requirements, are you…

…18 or above?

… willing to attend our workshops and preparation as per our Programme Schedule?

… willing to raise HKD1,500 (HKD1,000 for students) donation for pre-school construction? (Optional)

… willing to join the Cambodia Design Service Trip in August 2012? (Optional, to decided after our committee received all funding and confirm the budget)
If your answer is simply “YES” to all the above, join us now to experience an unique design journey and create a better future for the Cambodia pre-school children!

Berlin Workshop Schedule

19 Mar – 31 Mar 2012
Volunteers Recruitment

Deadline of Application : 31 Mar 2012

*For all workshops, exact dates and time are to be confirmed

01 Apr 2012 (Sun)
Information Sessions, learn Cambodia culture & idea generation
(design team : design stage of the building, structure)

21 Apr 2012 (Sat)
Recycling art in Cambodia, design workshop
(design team : critic period for differnt design options)

12 May 2012 (Sat)
Recycling art in Cambodia, design workshop. Presentation on the school site in Kampot, Cambodia.
(design team : design small items e.g. : interior, furniture, playground)

03 Jun 2012 (Sun)
Art vs Design exercise. Social art projects in Kampot, Cambodia.
(design team : preparation of design workshop to cambodia children)

02 Aug 2012 (Thur)
Recycling art workshop, make something to Cambodia locals!

Apply Now !

Dear Madrid,
*Special thanks to Jonathan for hosting and showing me around in Madrid!
When I were traveling in Madrid, my host Jonathan showed me to the Carabanchel district, which was a great and inspiring architectural excursion.
You can hardly find anything beside residential buildings in Carabanchel. But surprisingly many internationally awarded buildings are living in here silently. A walk in Carabanchel is like a lecture on “Future Housing Design”. The rise of these modern residential buildings were originally targeting the low-income-group in Madrid. In order to minimize the construction cost, appropriate dwellings were fitted well onto the land in order to maximize the land use, with a good control to reserve public space and beautiful scenery to each flat. Cheap building material are chosen; although the buildings looks colourful, they are actually made with metal plates and meshes. The use of industrial material brings a sense of modern to the buildings. We seldom see such colorful building in Germany because there are regulations on the facade colour. I like these sharp and colorful buildings; they are ugly but they symbolize freedom. Although all buildings look like boxes, they all provided excellent spatial experience. For example the Carabanchel Housing by FOA, in order to let the residents enjoy both the sceneries on east and west, the dwellings’  plans are designed like long tubes; those in the corners are designed like L-shaped.

I1:Carabanchel Housing spatial diagrams (Photo Credit : ArchDaily)

I2:Carabanchel Housing floor plans,the flats are definitely too big in the eyes of Hong Kong’s developers. Long tube module are always challenging in term of the interior layout. Although it may not be the most efficient spatial arrangement, i imagine it will be very nice to have a long corridor at home to put my drawings. Photo credits : Foreign Office Architects

The use of Bamboo on facade makes FOA’s Carabanchel Housing stands out from all buildings of the district, giving people a sense of artificial nature, which is totally different from all other concrete buildings. “Excuse me, do you know is there a bamboo architecture nearby?”, “Bamboo…aiya yes! Go straight, the third street, on your right hand side.” That is how we got to there.

I3:Carabanchel Housing (Architect : Foreign Office Architects),The facade is modular bamboo frame, the residents can change the open and close of the facade. This movement makes a continuos changes in the facade patterns.

I4:Bamboo Facade. Photo credits : Miguel Angel Sanchez,

The Social Building Carabanchel designed by Spanish architect Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos SLP only provides you a small flat. However the spatial arrangement is tricky in a way that every flat can enjoy a private balcony. More surprise is when you look from the entrance it is a wide public park, it is absolutely a comfortable place to live.

I5:Social Housing Carabanchel (Right) (Architect : Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos SLP), the facade color are chosen by the residents.

I6:Social Building Carabanchel. Photo credits : architizer

It was like a treasure hunting afternoon in Carabanchel. There are parks almost every three streets. Lookig into the families playing in the parks, the smiles on the elderly faces, isn’t these the things we are striving for? The architects scream under the concrete, residents have to move out their district because of gentrification. Look at those smiles, aren’t these the things we are striving for?

When we are shooting in the district, a police came. The residents found us very suspicious so they called the police. Jonathan explained the police our purposes of shooting, and the police asked Jonathan in from of 24 Social Housing ” Ha, you think this building is beautiful? I think it is ugly!”

I7:The colourful 24 Social Housing by the architects Rafael Cañizares Torquemada & Eduardo Valdillo Ruiz.

片1:Madrid studio Coco arquitectos’ works : 168 VPP en Carabanchel. It made me think of my 2nd year studio works.

Notes : obseving the “friendly” residents in the district, they seems having peaceful life. They doesn’t look like poor people at all. Later we figured out these award-winning architectures were already occupied by the rich people when the buildings were built. Yes, they love architecture.

Chinese Version : <<我們追求的…好建築>>

<<我們追求的…好建築>> @ Magaristo

English Version : <<That’s what we are striving for @ they love architecture>>

我在馬德里的host Jonathan帶了我到一個住宅小區Carabanchel遊覽,是名符其實的建築遊。


雖然大部分建築物看上去四四方方像盒子,但空間感比我們香港的公屋單位遠讚多。以FOA設計的Carabanchel Housing為例,為了令每戶都可以同時享受到東邊和西邊的景觀,戶型特設計成長條形,在兩旁的單位則設計成L字形。

圖1:Carabanchel Housing 空間分佈圖 (Photo Credit : ArchDaily)

圖2:Carabanchel Housing平面圖,以香港發展商角度來說它的單位肯定未夠迫,長條形的單位確不容易排,但想著如果自己家能有條長長走廊用作掛畫可是一件相當不錯的事。 Photo credits : Foreign Office Architects


圖3:Carabanchel Housing (Architect : Foreign Office Architects),大廈的竹外牆是塊活動外牆,隨著住戶的開關窗而變化

圖4:竹牆. Photo credits : Miguel Angel Sanchez,

西班牙建築事務所Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos SLP設計的Social Building Carabanchel,單位雖小,但排列到令每戶都能擁有一個小露台。從入口處往內裡看,是個廣闊的公共花園,是塊舒適地。

圖5:Social Housing Carabanchel (右) (Architect : Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos SLP), 外牆的顏色是由住戶選的。

圖6:Social Building Carabanchel. Photo credits : architizer


在我們到處拍照的過程中,警察來了。原來有居民認為我們行跡可疑,報警了。Jonathan向警察解釋後,哪位警察看著眼前色彩繽紛的24 Social Housing,笑著問:「你認為這棟大廈漂亮嗎?我認為它很醜呢!」建築師的心機漂不漂亮,就見仁見智了。

圖7:外牆色彩甚搶眼的24 Social Housing,建築師Rafael Cañizares Torquemada & Eduardo Valdillo Ruiz在馬德里市其他地方也建了同樣搶眼的建築物

片1:馬德里coco arquitectos設計的168 VPP en Carabanchel,看著這四四方方的盒子不禁想起二年班的功課。


可能因為自己不喜歡綠色的關係,我總覺得把一塊綠油油的人造草皮或植物牆硬貼上石屎面上;而又不配合上合適的空氣和光線的話,是嘔心的。一望無際的草地原是漂亮的,但必須有太陽的金黃和青葱的香氣,這片草地才帶出生氣。搭西班牙長途火車必到的馬德里Atocha Renfe Station就正正在挑戰建築師的底線。
Atocha Renfe Station建於1851年,是棟舊建築。因一場大火把建築燒毀後在1992年改建。建築師Rafael Moneo大膽地將一整個熱帶雨林帶到車站內。除了一棵又一棵十多米高的大樹外,往腳前看你還會見到水池石頭上一隻又一隻的金錢龜。整個範圍的氣溫和濕度都控制到令你有置身於熱帶雨林的感覺。我看着這「超自然」現象,心裡不太舒服;想着未來綠色建築與等等標籤是否要淪為愧疚發展過度的一顆定心藥丸。



Atocha Renfe 站

How to Draw #2 : Earn a smile

This thursday when I were Bingbahn-ing again, an old woman sit opposite to me. She bent her brows all over the journey. I always love to draw wrinkles therefore of course this woman is on my drawing list.

After I draw I felt like I wanted to give the drawing to the woman, i thought for while as I like the drawing very much. Finally I wrote something and gave this to the woman :

And then she smile for the remaining journey. When I were stepping out the train, she was looking at me and smiling.

The drawing worths a lot !

Video of the woman

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