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Round comb

Washer bag


Hair clip

All objects are from 99 cent store in Chinatown of Manhattan


A story from churchmate,

There is a big jar of candies on the table. One day, a little girl saw it and she was amazed.

“But mama said I cannot eat the candies.” she looked at these ball-shaped candies, they are colorful, they are shining, they are attractive.

She used her tiny finger to get one big yellow ball, she smiled it, and smiled it. It looked indifferent. She touched the candy by her nose, again and again; it looked indifferent. She gave a light try of the candies using her little tongue, it tasted so sweet so good. She got another try on the red one, the green one and the blue one.

Finally, the whole jar of candies became white. When the little girl realized it was already so late. She felt like her parent is coming home soon and she was super nervous.

The door opened, the mother can only see a empty jar on the table.

Doctor :
” Hello I am the doctor, aiyyy, no I am actually a student.”
” I read that you are an architect”

La : “um… yes, but not yet”

Nurse 1, with pink toenails :
” Wooo what?!? You are an architect? Can you build me a house? I want a big pink house.”

(blamed by the young and handsome nurse outside the ward, a minute laughing)

(Next morning)

Nurse 2, with colorful scarf :

“Hello !”

(road show music)

La & another patient in the ward, without energy :

(road show music continue)

“I am your nurse of today! I am……;5!?/3$?:;8!!@9, g”

(bella dancing, off)