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“They will tell you things that would help you a journey to help what you want to be. Draw, draw and draw. And sketch, sketch and sketch.”

Adebanja Alade

Super beautiful quote from from the additive sketcher. I hope I can have that kind of addition to not think too much but live in this city.


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How much do you want to pay?
Social Campaign «THINK BIG, ACT BIG, MAD 2011», Hong Kong

a special thanks to voluntary helper : April Lam

“Housing price in Hong Kong is expensive.”

Yes, people from all over the world know this. The crazy housing price in Hong Kong also led to a pessimistic thought among the citizens. “What are we working for? We work all days and nights for thirty years but all our salaries go to the down payment of the flat.”

The “Think Big, Act Big”’s housing workshop aimed to trigger participants to rethink how much space do we actually need and explore the potential of housing within the limited space supply in Hong Kong.

The typical floor plan of Hong Kong’s public housing was adopted in this exercise. People have personal lifestyles today so their needs for space differ. The improvement of information technology also allow us to live in small space as the computer world almost condense everything.

Of course we want a big house. But this time I am asking “How much do you want to pay for your house?”

“I am not going to pay for a cat”HKD $ 5,500,000

“I am going to feed my children outside my  house” HKD $ 7,500,000

I have a little white shell on my necklace, this little shell is from Africa.

One day a Japanese colleague Shihori asked me about where did I get it. She told me her grandparent worked in Africa and they had a shell which look the same with mine.

That is a little coincidence.

The next day I were walking around Brooklyn to get some fresh icy air. And I saw a lot of these little shells in a garden of a house. They look exactly like my little shell ! The only difference is the size, they are as big as my hand. They were spreading all over the soil, like the shells on the beach.

I were wondering, are they also from Africa? Are there any connections between my little shell and Shihori’s grandparents and this little garden? Is this an innate or adventitious connection?

Or, we can also think of how Bateson defined them. They seems to be in the same story, they have the same form, but different size. Secondly, they all situated in Brooklyn. Thirdly, they were all from the sea.

Then I started to take away my perception and the above conclusion. If they are not shell, what are they actually connecting to?

How many spiritual leaders, how many writers believe in what this little girl did : a self-affirmation? I believe, therefore I am. We have been believing and praying for what we desire for. That can be another answer for how the world is created, if you are not interested in science.

René Descartes, started from 1639, started to argue on the world we perceived. In his treatise <<Meditations on First Philosophy>>. He thought the world we have in our mind is an representation of our mind. This representation actually separate our mind from the actual world. Let’s make an easy example, the yellow color I have in my mind is different from what you have in your mind. Although we have a “definition” on yellow, but the perception, which how this definition is transmitted to our brain is different.

The more affirmation we have like the little girl, the more connected we are with the “world” we perceived. Talking about this “world” is the perceived, or I would even say fictitious world of ourselves. Does this mean the affirmation and ego distinct us from the real world? It is a tough question, because if we affirm the answer of the question. We are denying the world we are living in right now. The airplane we took, the internet we are on at the moment are all from the imagination from our ancestors, imagination brought inventions.

These days there were horrible weather in New York City. Living in the most dangerous district in Brooklyn we were luckily not being affected seriously by the weather. Protected by the concrete block and being an indoor slave for days, that was our hurricane and storm.

The weather changed dramatically according to my mood, or the reversed. It was not the first time that when I feel bad, the weather turns bad. For most of the time I thought it is the typical woman’s emotion that we love constructing excuses for our bad emotions. In ancient time we already sang and danced to the sky for the weather we desired. Researchers studied on Princeton’s commencement day and found out the there was comparatively less average rainfall. Some researchers believed this is the effect of the collective mind of all alumnus and parents.

While after two weeks of horrible weather we had a perfect sun-shinny weekend. At the moment I were organizing my emotions to understand the relationship between me and the sky. Instead of recapturing the past I am imagining the past, which is not under my memory. This is an approach inspired by Joan Didion’s <<The Year of Magical Thinking>>, which she kept thinking those moments before her husband died. Could we really used our consciousness to transform what is accumulated by the concept of time? We are living in the world of “geosphere” & “biosphere”, in 1922 Vladmir Vernadsky introduced Noosphere. One of the fundamental differences between Noosphere and the others is that the Noosphere accumulates through time, it is irrelevant to the accumulation of history. Every radical change is defined as “Revolution”.



“Let’s Rethink the Prophecies”, last modified October, 2009,

Roger D. Nelson, “Wishing for Good Weather:A Natural Experiment in Group Consciousness”, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 11, No. 1 (1997), pp. 47-58

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我們常說「呢個世界邊有免費午餐」,這次我們訪問了Adam,跟我們談談柏林的免費晚餐(Soup Kitchen) Homeless Veggie Dinner。筆者在網上四找都找不到一個合適的Soup Kitchen中文譯名。 (的確不能不承認香港是一個無錢無飯食的社會,這個名詞不太普遍) 所謂的Soup Kitchen : 施湯所/慈善厨房指的是為有需要的人指供低價甚至免費的午餐。

Adam, Homeless Veggie Dinner (HVD) 創辦人

Adam. Photo credits : Florian Gottschall


1. ) 為甚麼想到HVD的主意?


2. ) 你們如何解決食物供應問題去提供這免費晚餐呢?



3.) 能與我們分享一位HVD客人的故事嗎?


4.) 辦HVD遇過的挑戰是?


5.) 你認為HVD跟其他的soup kitchen有甚麼區別?

大部分的Soup Kitchen都是為窮人而設,但HVD就像一家餐廳。每個人一入到來就有義工給你餐牌,讓你點菜,然後把菜送到你的坐位上。不像大部分的Soup Kitchen般每人要拿著盤子輪飯吃。


6.) 你認為HVD的成功是甚麼?



7.) HVD的長遠目標是甚麼?


8.) 你的夢想是甚麼?


9.) 你喜歡柏林嗎?



Photo credits : Veronica Solomon

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