Yīshízhùxíng – Xíng/ Travel

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The famous Chinese idiom 「衣食住行」(Yīshízhùxíng) says the four basic elements of our existence what we dress, what we eat, where we live and where we travel. In this world all big cities are jumping into big capitalist pool. We interviewed different people in Berlin to find out how they work out these four aspects in an unorthodox way.

Tao, Bicycle lover

Core team of Kulturlabor Trial&Error, Berlin

Why do you prefer cycling than public transportation?

I like to be active. I like to choose which road to travel.
Traveling by bicycle allows me to discover the neighborhood. Public transportation is passive. If I am on a bike, I can choose the speed, I can be faster or slower. But if I am on a public transportation, I cannot change anything.

When did you have your first bicycle?

5 years old. It was a purple bike.

What is the feeling of having a new bicycle?

When you get a new bike, you need to adjust your body, to development new movement for the bicycle. It is the process of discovering movements.

Share with us one of your experience with bicycle.

The CycleCamp. It was a workshop teaching people how to fix their own bike and to promote bike culture.

What do you hate?

I hate industrialized food. It makes people distant from where the food came from, which is the nature.
I hate car.

What do you want to do when you are 60?

I would like to live in the countryside, a foreign country that I can learn a different culture. I would also like to work with an art community.

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