Wawa (Hua-Hua 畫畫 in Chinese) is drawing. I can wawa, you can wawa, everyone wawa.

IDEA Project 2011

with IDEA project team, special thanks to Cherry Cheung

Portfolio (Dec 21, 2011)

Competition : AC-CA Alternative Car Park Tower (Oct, 2011)

with Kenton Lam , Owen Lam & Nam Wu

Competition : Borderless Terminal – Lian Tang / Heung Yuen Wai Terminal Design (May, 2011)

with Mark Po Tse & Nicky Wong

Competition : School as Design Carnival (Feb, 2011)

with Kenton Lam & Nam Wu, special thanks to Jacky Lee

IDEA Furniture Design Workshop 2011 (Feb, 2011)

with Wing Ming, Cherry Cheung, Sherry Tang, Yuen Ka Ming, Monkey Tam, Cara Leung & Jennifer Ngai



DRL Drawing Research Lab


Kulturlabor Trial & Error, Berlin 


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